Mike Falacinski


Mike Falacinski is partner, president and project manager with Trialta Projects. He brings with him over 15 years’ of various experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.

He has an extensive background that spans across a variety of roles including but not limited to Mechanical Engineer, Project Manager, and Facility Engineer. Mike’s past work successes with various Engineering and End User companies have been instrumental in creating the vision of Trialta and helped navigate the backbone of the company. His vast experience as a Project Manager and a leader have enabled him to be successful with his achievements to date.

Mike’s strong knowledge base, experience and leadership skills were integral to the creation of Trialta Projects and the outstanding quality the company stands behind.

Management Team

Travis Balicki 
Design Manager

Jordan Nicholson
Engineering Manager 

Shaun Byrne 
Manager of Projects

Mike Falacinski

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